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LZ Halogen MIDI Keyboard Controller..Z-VAR - MIDI Keyboard Controller. Quadrant Pro II.[Z-VAR Quadrant Pro II] - Z-VAR Piano Keyboard Controller. The original R/S-LZ made a big splash in the keys world in 1993 with its MIDI control room and “meatball” keys. But it’s the quality of the product that separates it from the average keyboard. There are two pieces to the LZ, the LZ Sound Wheel and the R/S-LZ.The R/S-LZ is the more expensive of the two, but there’s a lot of good reviews for it. The LZ is popular for home studios where MIDI key control is used, and the R/S-LZ is the more popular end of the keyboard controller spectrum, so it’s easy to find a used one. The R/S-LZ is a popular MIDI controller keyboard with keys that not only move (via a worm gear) but, in fact, also tilt. This allows for a more realistic playing experience and for greater fine-tuning of pitch and velocity. The big question is where to get one and what to do with it once you have one. In the late 1990s, German producer Dimitri Hegemann built the Z-VAR keyboard controller to replace the first MIDI controllers introduced, the Roland S-50, S-55 and S-66. MIDI was a new way for musicians to interface with their music-making software. The Z-VAR has proven to be an excellent choice for anyone who needs to control their DAW or sampler from a midi keyboard. Learn more about the Z-VAR at You can also visit for more information about Z-VAR Synthesizers and Products. The Z-VAR's functionality is the same as a custom synthesizer, but with a stepdown converter that provides a CV-Bus. Z-VAR controllers are based on the standard MIDI specifications, such as Controller Information, General MIDI, Channel Mode, General Control and Pitch Bend. They also support MIDI Control System to connect with external devices and on-board MIDI memories for added control features. Related Products [out of stock] MIDI Keyboards.. Related Products The QUEEN ORCHARDS Q10 is the perfect MIDI controller for the home studio. Whether you




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Xforcex32exeMaya2016 yenydar
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